Safe & Secure Above-Ground Fuel Storage Tanks

West Fuel Systems is a leading supplier of above ground, bunded fuel storage tanks for the safe storage of diesel (derv), gas oil, bio-diesel, heating oils, Adblue®, leachate, water and non-corrosive chemicals.

Our high quality, secure and robust mild-steel bunded fuel storage tanks are manufactured in capacities up to 150,000 litres in a variety of styles and as single or multi-compartment fuel storage tanks. We offer a wide range of standard tanks, as well as specialist, fabricated bunded-fuel storage tanks to individual customer designs.

Above-Ground Fuel Storage Tanks
Above-Ground Fuel Storage Tanks

The rectangular, horizontal, integrally bunded, above ground bunded fuel storage tanks are manufactured to the highest standards and conform generally to BS799-5: 2010 (Type J) (oil-burning equipment) and to recommendations made in ‘Oil Storage Regulations for businesses’ (Environment Agency and Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, England and Wales, 2018) and GPP2: Above Ground Oil Storage Tanks (Scotland and Northern Ireland). The fuel storage tank is a totally enclosed bunded unit. The inner tank provides for fuel storage whilst the outer tank forms a totally enclosed bund with a capacity of 110% of the inner tank contents. BS799 -5: 2010 states the material types, thickness and stiffening locations.

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