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Normond Tank Level Gauging System

Normond Tank Level Gauging System
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C Series Tank Level Gauge

The Normond C Series Hydrostatic Fuel Tank Level Gauge, along with all Normond gauges supplied by West Fuel Systems Limited are a popular fuel tank level indicator for commercial sites. This is because due to featuring a hand pump mechanism, these fuel tank level gauges require no power, making them ideal for hazardous environments.

The C Series Normand Gauges give a level reading in volume, weight or height and are suitable for tanks up to 3 metres high using the standard capillary balance chamber provided. However, they can work with tanks up to 9 metres high if used with the optional alternative balance chambers. This fuel tank contents level gauge must be individually calibrated to the size of your tank. This fuel tank Level gauge is made to order, so please be aware there is a lead time of up to 10-15 working days.

Normond Tank Level Gauging System
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G Series Tank Level Gauge

The Normond G Series Hydrostatic Fuel Tank level Gauge is often used as a commercial fuel tank level indicator, as due to it being hand operated rather than powered, it can be used within hazardous settings.

The G Series Normand Gauges supplied by West Fuel Systems Limited are the most accurate fuel tank level gauge in the Normond range and are suitable for most liquids. Its robust weather-resistant enclosure ensures reliability and consistency for many years of operation and requires little maintenance. These fuel tank level gauges are ideal for tanks with difficult access and those up to 10m high.

Please note: No balance chamber or capillary is included. This will be specified on the completion of an accurate tank questionnaire. This fuel tank contents gauge may have a lead time of 10-15 days.


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