Fuel-Link ST System Fuel Management

Fuel costs can account for up to one-third of all fleet operation costs. For a fleet to be efficient and achieve maximum profitability a continuous fuel management system is a must. The FUELLink ST fuel system management which we supply is a user-friendly fleet fuel system management. Connecting up to four existing or new fuel pumps, providing complete security and accountability of fuel usage for commercial transport businesses.

The system comprises two parts – the Fuel-Link ST fuel system management and web-based Fueltrans software, operating on a remote PC collecting refuelling data from the Fuel-Link fuel system management and providing a whole host of totalling and analysing tools.

The system is supplied with a GPRS high gain aerial and modem connection, this allows you to install the system with minimum site disruption. Simply fit and power up the Fuel-Link fuel system management terminal, log into the user-friendly Fueltrans web-based software and start effectively managing your fuel stocks.

Every Fuel-Link ST package supplied by West Fuel Systems Limited comes with a live fuelling screen which gives live data across multiple depots, giving control over fuel dispensed in real-time.

Quickly Identify Errorsusing a colour code to identify pump time outs and zero odometer transactions allow a quick response solution.

View Everywherelive fuel screen is compatible with desktop, tablet and mobile devices, automatically updating every 60 seconds.

Multiple Screen Projectionshook your device to multiple screens to view fuelling from multiple depots from one location.

  • Full colour 7” LCD display.
  • Alphanumeric keypad.
  • RFID data tags or cards.
  • Barcode scanner compatibility.
  • Wall or pedestal mounted.
  • Controls up to 4 fuel pumps.
  • Web-based access from any web browser such as a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone.
  • Enable/disable pumps remotely
  • High gain GPRS communications, allowing high-speed updating of information.
  • User-friendly FUELTran software.
  • Integrates with fuel tank gauging.
  • Unique two-way messaging system.
  • Reports may be generated in Excel or PDF format.
  • Import fuel card reports.
  • Odometer readings can be entered automatically via our Telematics Partners.
  • Data can be exported to other systems, such as fleet management systems or accounting packages.
  • Software training available.
  • 12 months parts and labour warranty.
Fuel Link ST System

FuelTran Software

The FUELtran software is web-based and is accessible from any internet-enabled smart device such as a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. The complete reports package comes as standard with FUELtran and can be used on an ad hoc basis or with export data downloaded as required or sent via email.

Reduce the hours associated with controlling fuel and fixing mistakes commonly associated with human error. Our automatic data capture solutions combined with our powerful reports package ensures staff require less time controlling fuel. Solutions include VINIE which is a Bluetooth enabled device connected to the CAN/ECU of the vehicle and our Telematics interface allowing data transfer at a server level from telematics providers.

Close monitoring of fuelling and vehicle MPG figures will help the detection of potential fuel theft on-site or via roadside siphoning. By linking the fuel link management system (FMS) supplied by West Fuel Systems Limited with an electronic tank gauge, tank alerts are displayed within the FUELtran fuel portal.
Fuel Tank Capacities – use the easy to read graphics and identify tanks that are satisfactory, at re-order or at critically low levels.

Enable Pump Control – the ability to enable and disable fuel pumps from any device.

Equipment Status – straight from login, gain insight into any equipment that is out of service.

Transactions List – full transaction history for multi-fuel depots.

Full Reports Package – all reports come as standard with the Fueltran software at no extra cost.

Export Reports – reports can be created in various formats and can be exported to 3rd party software.

Fuel Link ST System