Fuel Tank & Pipework Tightness Testing

West Fuel Systems Limited specialises in the diagnostic testing of fuel storage tanks and pipework systems.

Fuel storage tanks and associated pipework integrity testing is a vital part of any responsible organisation’s planned site maintenance programme. Historically, tank and line testing have been used to meet regulatory requirements or because of a problem on-site, this approach is changing with the vast majority of West Fuel Systems integrity testing now being conducted by organisations as a preventative measure to highlight potential problems before they arise and have an impact on their business.

Avoid possible fines

A fuel storage tank or fuel pipework failure can lead to environmental damage resulting in the contamination of ground & watercourses, in addition to environmental damage the neglect of fuel storage systems & auxiliaries may jeopardise insurance policies!

The Environment Agency states that it is the site operator’s responsibility to ensure that fuel storage systems are leak-free and fit for purpose!

Did you know that the age of your fuel facility determines the frequency at which you are required to carry out fuel tank integrity testing?

For underground petroleum tanks 30 years old you are required to carry out tank integrity testing every 2 years!

Mitigate the risk of fuel storage systems leaking and avoid environment agency fines

The use of additives in today’s fuels has proven to accelerate fuel storage tank corrosion and the breakdown of certain pipe sealants leading to the uncertainty of fuel storage tank and pipework life expectancy.

As a result, many organisations have implemented regular tank testing and inspection programmes as a means of assuring the current condition and life expectancy of their fuel storage tank and having the ability to assess the condition of their fuel storage facility.

Symptoms such as phase separation, contamination, frequent filter blockages, monitoring well contamination or free water in a fuel storage tank are often a result of a simple integrity defect.

There is no point in treating the symptoms without addressing the root cause

A fuel tank and pipework integrity test by West Fuel Systems will quickly and accurately identify any potential problem or defect with your fuel storage facility.

Upon completion of the fuel tank & pipework testing, West Fuel Systems will provide a report detailing any defects found and copies of the relevant documentation. This will include test certificates, In the unfortunate event that equipment failure has been identified, West Fuel Systems can offer you options for any remedial works required.