Safe & Secure Above-Ground Fuel Storage Tanks

Above-Ground Fuel Storage TanksWest Fuel Systems is a leading supplier of above ground, bunded fuel storage tanks for the safe storage of diesel (derv), gas oil, bio-diesel, heating oils, Adblue®, leachate, water and non-corrosive chemicals.

Our high quality, secure and robust mild-steel bunded fuel storage tanks are manufactured in capacities up to 150,000 litres in a variety of styles and as single or multi-compartment fuel storage tanks. We offer a wide range of standard tanks, as well as specialist, fabricated bunded-fuel storage tanks to individual customer designs.

Above-Ground Fuel Storage TanksThe rectangular, horizontal, integrally bunded, above ground bunded fuel storage tanks are manufactured to the highest standards and conform generally to BS799-5: 2010 (Type J) (oil-burning equipment) and to recommendations made in ‘Oil Storage Regulations for businesses’ (Environment Agency and Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, England and Wales, 2018) and GPP2: Above Ground Oil Storage Tanks (Scotland and Northern Ireland). The fuel storage tank is a totally enclosed bunded unit. The inner tank provides for fuel storage whilst the outer tank forms a totally enclosed bund with a capacity of 110% of the inner tank contents. BS799 -5: 2010 states the material types, thickness and stiffening locations.

Below-Ground Fuel Storage Tanks

Below-Ground Fuel Storage TanksOur below-ground fuel storage tanks are fully tested and certified to comply with BS EN 12285:Part 1 specification. On completion of manufacture, they are externally blast cleaned to SA 2.5 followed by a coating of solvent-free polyurethane. The coating receives a 100% pin-hole high voltage spark detection test to confirm complete paint coverage.

Submerged-arc welding inside and out ensures high quality and maximum weld integrity, resulting in higher finished product strength. This quality is consistent from one fuel storage tank to the next. To offer flexibility, our below ground fuel storage tanks can be built to provide multi-fuel usage including petrol, diesel, bio-fuels, kerosene and AdBlue*.

* Please note a special lining may be required.

Above-Ground Petrol Storage Tanks

Above-Ground Petrol Storage TanksOur above-ground petrol storage tanks are manufactured in the UK to meet the requirements laid out in DSEAR, HSG 146 (dispensing of petrol) and HSG 176 (storage of flammable liquids in fuel storage tanks). This allows our clients to store petrol on their premises legally and securely with our range of fully-bunded and fire-protected above-ground petrol storage tanks.

Our standard tanks range from 975 litres to 5000 litres. All tanks are designed to be gravity-filled on your premises by a petrol tanker. We can supply other variations and capacities of above-ground petroleum storage tanks on request.

Above Ground Plastic Fuel Storage Tanks

Plastic Fuel Storage TanksPlastic fuel tanks have two layers; an inner tank and an outer tank, known as a bund. The bund acts as secondary containment, like a tank within a tank. In the event of a leak from the main tank, the outer layer will contain all the oil which would otherwise risk contaminating the local area.

Integrally-bunded fuel tanks are the most popular kind of secondary containment. The alternative involves constructing a bund from masonry or concrete which is inconvenient, costly and makes a time-consuming installation. All of our diesel tanks are integrally bunded.

All of our bunded plastic fuel tanks are fitted with submersible pumping units, consisting of a pump, flowmeter, a delivery hose and automatic shut-off nozzle, filtration and gauge. Larger capacities also come complete with bund and overfill devices, and a lockable security cabinet containing any relevant equipment.

AdBlue® – DEF Storage Tanks

AdBlue® - DEF Storage TanksThe AdBlue® bunded storage tanks supplied by West Fuel System are a simple storage solution for anyone who requires AdBlue® for their vehicles. Capacities of the AdBlue® bunded storage tanks typically range from 1,350 litres up to 15,000 litres. However, with interlinking, this can increase up to 100,000 litres. We also provide multi-storage options so it is easy to store AdBlue® and diesel in one bunded storage tank.

The bunded storage tanks can come with a fill connection, contents gauge, submersible pump, automatic shut off nozzle, delivery hose, and a digital flow meter, amongst other options. Any bespoke requirements are readily accepted.

Leachate Storage Tanks

Above-Ground Fuel Storage TanksWest Fuel Systems have supplied bunded fuel storage tanks for over 20 years. This includes the supply of leachate storage tanks for the collection of contaminated groundwater

Our Leachate storage tanks are designed to hold contaminated groundwater which is being extracted from land reclamation sites. Commonly called leachate, this ‘water’ can be highly corrosive, toxic or acidic dependent on what the site has been used for previously.

Once the leachate storage tank is full or the project has ended the contents are then transferred to a road tanker for removal to an appropriate waste facility site for treatment and safe disposal.

The leachate storage tanks that we supply are manufactured with extra stiffening and a specialised protective paint coating both inside and out. This provides a robust solution for the containment of leachate groundwater.

Generator-Critical Fuel Storage Tanks

Generator-Critical Fuel Storage TanksOur above-ground, generator-critical fuel storage tank is a tank within a tank. The outer tank protects the inner tank, and in the unlikely event of the inner tank failing, it will contain any spillage.

The liquid is stored in the primary or inner tank and the outer tank forms the required bund with a capacity for 110% of the primary tank’s capacity. This tank is suitable for the storage of heating oil, kerosene, diesel, waste oils and many other liquids.

They are manufactured to the highest standards and conform to BS799 PT5 type J. The thickness of the steel used varies with tank size and all tanks are pressure tested before they leave our workshop. They are supplied with one coat primer and one topcoat, which is normally green in colour as standard. It is possible, however, to request any colour you prefer at no extra cost.

These tanks are also very good at deterring the would-be opportunist in oil theft which is very much on the rise currently.

Heating Oil Storage Tanks

OFTEC Registered BusinessWe supply a range of heating oil storage solutions that are safe, reliable, compliant with UK regulations. All of our heating oil storage tanks are made from quality materials making them very durable.

Our single-skin tanks range from 900 to 2500 litres and are available in both steel and plastic, whilst bunded versions are available in capacities from 900-90,000 litres. The secondary containment that our bunded tanks provide is a legal requirement for capacities above 3500 litres.

West Fuel Systems supplies heating oil tanks that have a unique, patented fire protection material offering 30 or 60-minute fire protection. Heating Oil SystensThis makes our tanks LABC certified. Our 30-minute fire protection enables you to legally locate your tank within 1.8 meters of your property. This is otherwise restricted by storage regulations unless you have alternative protection such as a firewall.

For those aiming to store their business or domestic heating oil tank in an outbuilding, we recommend 60-minute fire protection. Our fire-protected tanks aren’t just a convenience to circumvent regulations, more importantly, they increase the safety of your home or business in the unlikely event of a fire, giving you enough time to evacuate the building and extinguish the fire.