BRUGG PipesystemsBrugg FSR Safety Pipe was developed and launched to market in 1966, Brugg Pipesystems is a German manufacturer of extremely high-quality flexible single and double-wall stainless steel pipework.  Safety Pipe is designed to contain flammable, hazardous and ground-polluting fluids whilst being continuously monitored during operation.

The BRUGG flexible stainless steel pipe systems are an excellent alternative to rigid pipe; their innovative design offers extreme versatility for installation in a wide variety of settings both inside and outside buildings and above ground in a concrete trench or buried underground.

Compared to rigid plastic or steel pipes, BRUGG can be manufactured in continuous lengths of over 1,000 metres (depending on size and type of construction). This means that installation times are extremely quick and cost savings are made during installation.

Due to its flexible nature, the pipe can be pulled through suitably sized ducts, allowing other work to continue.

FSR and Secon-X types of pipe can be permanently monitored for leakage with a pressure or vacuum leak detector.

  • Safe and reliable pipe, manufactured and tested to extremely high standards; EN14125, EN729-2, CE marked and compliant with 97/23/EC European pressure directive for pressure equipment
  • 316L Stainless Steel core pipe construction is certifiably suitable for varied and extensive fields of application
  • Electrically continuous, UV Stable and self-compensating for both pressure and temperature changes
  • Spiral corrugated ‘endless’ construction gives excellent flow characteristics and a self-cleaning flow pattern, with pressure losses that are similar to equivalent NB smooth bore steel pipework.
  • Flexwell pipes have a minimum design life of 30 years.
  • Quicker installation than rigid plastic or steel
  • Multiple bends possible in one continuous length – no joints needed
  • Excellent temperature ratings; +60◦C down to -30◦C with high corrosion resistance
  • Pipe is fire resistant due to its high melting point and complies with the latest J5 building and PPG2 oil storage regulations
  • Pipe can be delivered on a continuous length on a drum or coil

Flexwell FSR Safety Pipe in Pipe

  • Description: A flexible, double-walled, Stainless Steel Pipe in Pipe, type approved, safety pipe system with permanent leak monitoring and R90 or R120 fire rating.
  • Construction: 316 Stainless steel core pipe, with 304 Stainless steel outer pipe designed for full working pressure and high-grade external corrosion protection jacket.
  • Working Pressure: PN 25.    Special Construction: PN40/ PN50
  • Dimensions available: DN15 – DN150 (nominal bore NB  ½” – 6″)
  • Areas of Application: Transport of environmentally hazardous, flammable, toxic, dangerous fuels, liquids and gases for Safety and Environmental Protection.
  • Special Features: Double walled Pipe in Pipe construction with surveillance space for continuous leak monitoring whilst in operation. Simple and fast laying in continuous lengths, short installation times, no welded connections, no pressure tests needed, no elbow fittings needed. A tried and tested system of protection for more than 40 years. National Approvals (type approved) and also International Approvals.
  • Fire Tested to R90 and R120 for passage through a fire-rated compartment bulkhead.
  • Meets the requirements of European Regulations EN 13160 for protective systems of Class I.

Second-X Flexible Petrol Pipework

  • Description:  A flexible, secondary-contained Pipe in Pipe system with permanent leak monitoring capability.
  • Construction: 316 stainless steel core pipe with spaced polyethene (PE) outer jacket to give a pipe in pipe construction, the outer pipe is designed for monitoring purposes.
  • Working Pressure: Operating pressure up to 10 bar.
  • Dimensions Available: DN25 – DN100 (nominal bore NB  1” – 4″).
  • Areas of Applications: Suction pipes, pressure pipes, fill pipes and tank dump pipes. Transportation of water-pollutant, flammable, toxic and other dangerous liquids and gases.
  • Special Features: Fast and easy installation without welding, using mechanical connectors. Laying/ installation of a stainless steel pipe system in very long sections make installation times extremely quick.
  • Meets the requirements of European Regulations EN 13160 for protective systems of Class I.